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Welcome to the Greenlayer E2 Finisher Tee information page! Below you will find detailed information about our stock and custom tee programs, and instructions about how to place an order.

Both the E2 stock and E2 custom tech tees are made from a soft and durable 100% polyester mesh fabric that is moisture-wicking and breathable. Both men's and women's styles are available, and youth sizes are available for custom orders. Our women's tee is a v-neck cut, while our men's and youth are crew neck. Our E2 finisher tees are the perfect choice for your club, team, or event.

Stock Program

Our stock program consists of short sleeve E2 tech tees in seven colors: charcoal, chili pepper, white, royal blue, frog green, black (available 4/1), and neon yellow (available 4/1). Our stock program also includes long sleeve E2 tech tees in charcoal, chili pepper, and white.

The stock program might be for you if:

  • You want the most cost-effective finisher tee option
  • You don't meet custom order lead times
  • You need to minimize your order fulfillment risk
  • You want the flexibility to adjust your quantities prior to your event
  • You want to order one of the stock styles/colors regardless of your in-hands date

Custom Program

Our custom program allows you to customize your tees with the following options:

  • The full range of colors in our Greenlayer color palette (see below)
  • 100% polyester or 100% recycled polyester fabric
  • Contrast color stitching
  • Contrast color side panels
  • Raglan sleeves
  • Custom PMS colors of your choice

The custom program might be for you if:

  • You have specific needs/desires for color/style not met by our stock program
  • You are able to place your order 100 days prior to your in-hands date

See our color palette here:

Pricing blank vs printed and delivered:

* Blank pricing doesn't include shipping
** Printing includes up to a 3 color front & 2 color back. Additional colors incur $ 0.25 per color. Additional locations incur $1.10 per location


Ordering from our Stock Program

If you are ordering from our stock program, you will order your tees directly from the E2 website . You will have the option to select either blank or printed tees. You may visit your order through an order confirmation link that will be provided to you. The order may be changed until the 3 week period prior to the in hands date at which time the order is locked. Prior to the order being locked simply visit the order and adjust the quantities to your needs. Once the order is locked, you will only be able to make changes by contacting your account manager. Exceptions to the 3 week deadline will be subject to rush fee's and expedited shipping charges.

Custom Orders

If you're ordering custom tees, you will place your order on the Custom Order page on the Greenlayer website. or contact one of our sales reps via Email ( or Phone (503-297-3785)

Custom order quantities are final at the time of the order submission. You will enter your final size distribution, style, and color selection at the time of the order. You will be obligated to purchase the entirety of your custom order, since we are manufacturing it specifically for you. Final Sign-off and the production of your order will not begin until we have received a 50% deposit on your order. This deposit will constitute your authorization to begin production. Production requires a minimum of 90 days, not including shipping to your final destination. Please ensure your final sign-off/deposit allows for adequate production and shipping if you have deadlines driven by events.


If you are ordering blank tees or coordinating your own printing, you can skip this step. You will have selected blank tees on the website, and will now be ready to check out.

If you would like Greenlayer to coordinate the printing of your tees, please read the instructions below.If you are ordering tees from our stock program, you will select the Printed/Delivered option. Simply place your order for color and size run first, wait for the confirmation email, respond to the art related questions in the confirmation email, and then attach your print ready art to the confirmation email reply.Please note that if your order contains different graphics for different shirts, you are required to place a separate order for each graphic. For example, if your order has 3 different graphics covering 1) Charcoal Half Marathon Race shirts 2) Charcoal 5k Shirts 3) Citron Volunteer shirts-this should be processed as 3 separate orders so that you can attach the art that corresponds to each order.

If you are ordering from our custom program, you will work directly with your Account Manager to coordinate the printing of your order.

Regardless, please make note of the information below:

  • Artwork must be submitted in vector format. This includes sponsor logos and text. The file may be submitted as an .ai or .pdf file, as long as the content is in vector format. Vector format insures high quality printing.
  • Final artwork must be submitted a minimum of 3 weeks prior to your in-hands date.
  • Exceptions to either item above may incur additional design or rush fees.
  • If you do not provide specific PMS colors to match, we will print colors that are the closest match to the art files you submit.
  • If you do not provide specific sizing or placements for the graphic, we will match the closest size/placement according to the mock up.
  • Text must be "outlined" or converted to vector art prior to submission. If you do not "outline" the art or convert it to vector files, it will default to a standard font in our system and may not be what you are looking for. The customer is responsible for providing correct text/fonts, otherwise what is submitted will considered final.
  • We understand that you want to get your art perfect before committing to the print process. We can assist with up to two mock up proofs at no extra cost. If you require further mock-ups or proofs, we are happy to assist, but you will incur an hourly design fee. If you want to maximize time with our designers, please have as much information finalized as possible (colors, placements, size, shirt color and style)
  • Once you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email. You will reply to that email and attach your print-ready artwork at that time.

Recap: order steps

In summary, here is what you will do when you're ready to place your order:

  • Determine whether you will be choosing our stock program or our custom program.
  • Select your items and enter the quantities you would like to order. (For the stock program, you will choose blank or printed/delivered.)
  • Reply to the confirmation email once you receive it; attach your artwork (if applicable).
  • At this time, you will be asked to enter your payment information and other information needed to process your order.
  • A Greenlayer Account Manager may contact you regarding your order if further information is needed.

We hope you will find our order process user-friendly, but should you have any questions after reading through the information above, please contact your account manager (if you are an existing customer), give us a call at 503-297-3785, or email

Thanks for choosing Greenlayer!